maandag 27 juli 2015

Vintage Lookbook #1

Hey guys!

This is the first video of a series where I show you my favorite vintage findings and how I wear them.

Ps. This is a really old vid, I recorded this last year.
Just found it back and decided to put it up anyway. Enjoy!

dinsdag 7 april 2015

British Open Championship Cheerleading 2015

A couple weeks ago me and my team went to compete at the British Open Championships for Cheerleading in Nottingham. It didn't go so well for us sad to say, but the trip has defiantly been good for team building. Besides it was fun to watch the other teams routines, the level in Britain is way higher then in Belgium. Which is not that surprising since it's a way more popular sport in the UK.
We were certainly inspired this weekend. Here are some pictures from the competition and I've made an after movie about it. Enjoy!

maandag 29 december 2014

I wish I was a christmas tree


I hope you had a lovely christmas! (and a wicked new years eve planned)
I'm in love with this top, it's so hysterical it kinda makes me look like a christmas tree.
So I topped this outfit off with a giant glittery star.
Balancing that thing on my head is a lot harder than I thought though. 

Lots of love and party hard!

maandag 17 november 2014

Fall Fur


Finally a fall outfit! I love this furry vest, it's soo comfy. 
I'm also wearing my highwaisted flowy shorts, Yes they're shorts!
I'm probably gonna do a whole video on styling this type of shorts for fall!
Hope you like the pics and have a nice week!


woensdag 15 oktober 2014

Video Festival outifts 2014 #3

Even thought the weather is really getting colder, I still wanted to share this outfit. 
(Also I'm just in denial that summer is over.)
It's my happy little flower child costume haha.  It's not that suitable for a festival that will last a couple days, and also not that practical if you were planning on jumping around in the mud all day.
So I personally didn't wear it to a festival but for just a day at the park with ma homies. So if you are going to a festival which mostly contains of strolling around, chill and making flowercrowns it's perfect. 



dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

Video Festival outfits 2014 #2

Hey Guys!

Here's part 2 of my fav festival/summer outfits of this year.
Sziget was absolutely A-MA-ZING! It's one big happy rainbows and unicorns island.
I'm really sad it's over, but I've made some amazing memories and met some awesome people there.
A full Sziget post will follow :)
For now enjoy the pics and the video lookbook!


zondag 10 augustus 2014

Festival outfits 2014 #1

Hey Guys!

In just a couple minutes I'm leaving for Sziget!
I'm super exited, and I absolutely can't wait to set foot on the "Island of Freedom"
I shot a festival cookbook last week. Here's a sneak peak of one of the outfits.
Enjoy your holiday!

woensdag 2 juli 2014


Shake it like a polaroid picture! Taking polariodpics is so much fun!----A crystal necklace I got as a present from a dear friend---Love my vintage sunnies and holographic wallet

Helloooo everybody,
I hope you're having a lovely holiday so far,
I'm going to Sziget in august, which is a music festival in Budapest that lasts an entire week!
To say I'm excited is an understatement, I really can't wait. The festival combines music with theatre and art. From what i've heard from the festival so far it's a really unique experience. Also I've never been to Budapest, and I would love to explore the city. Where are you going to spend your holiday?
If you happen to have some experience with Sziget or Budapest, feel free to give me some advice. 
I would love some tips for my trip. 
Enjoy your summer everyone!